AdStar and Relevantis Collaborate on Mobile Advertising Initiative
Relevantis to integrate AdStar’s Dashboard with Ad-Server Platform to deliver complete solution to mobile advertising market.

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. and SEATTLE – January 24, 2008 – AdStar, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADST) today announced that Relevantis, Inc. has licensed the company’s Mobile Advertising Dashboard. Relevantis will integrate AdStar’s technology with its Universal Ad Platform to create a complete solution for the delivery of relevant mobile advertisements to end users. The combined offering gives content publishers an end-to-end solution to monetize their mobile properties through advertising.

AdStar’s Dashboard serves as the user interface for the solution, allowing advertisers to create, schedule and submit their ads directly to publishers in the required format, depending on the end-user device. Relevantis’ software platform allows publishers to maximize mobile advertising revenue by delivering relevant ads, thereby increasing consumer satisfaction and click-thru rates. Relevantis’ Ad-Server is the first unified ad platform to support contextual mobile web and in-application advertising. Relevantis and AdStar have structured a revenue-share agreement.

“AdStar truly understands publishers and local advertising,” said Scott Searle, chief executive officer for Relevantis. “This collaboration allows us to leverage that knowledge and expertise to deliver a complete offering to our mobile publisher partners. Relevantis and AdStar are committed to a successful partnership and will continue to work together to ensure that our solutions meet the needs of the market and accommodate the specific requirements of our shared customers.”

The Relevantis ad platform supports rich interaction such as “click-to-web”, “click-to-call”, “get directions” and “get coupons”, and allows publishers to leverage in-house sales capabilities in conjunction with external ad initiatives. Through AdStar’s Dashboard publishers can allow advertisers the ability to track their mobile advertising campaigns more closely and understand which ads are working and to what extent, providing a clear illustration of return on investment.

“A year ago, this type of partnership would not have been possible, but with our Mobile Advertising Dashboard, AdStar can extend its reach to include an expanding variety of new opportunities in the ever-evolving advertising and publishing industries,” said Leslie Bernhard, president and CEO of AdStar. “Relevantis has developed a comprehensive ad platform, which has integrated Relevantis-powered advertising into applications and phones. We look forward to working with Relevantis to empower publishers to effectively connect their advertisers with targeted, relevant mobile audiences.”

About AdStar, Inc.

AdStar, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADST) is the leading provider of e-commerce transaction software and services for the advertising and publishing industries. AdStar’s proprietary suite of e-commerce services includes remote ad entry software and web-based ad transaction services. AdStar is also the industry’s largest supplier of automated payment processing services. AdStar’s ad transaction infrastructure powers classified ad sales for more than 40 of the largest newspapers in the United States, CareerBuilder, and a growing number of other online and print media companies. EdgCapture, AdStar’s automated payment process solution, is currently employed by call centers at more than 100 of the nation’s leading newspaper and magazines. AdStar is headquartered in Marina del Rey, Calif. For additional information on AdStar, Inc., visit www.adstar.com

About Relevantis, Inc.

Relevantis, Inc. develops and licenses advertising technologies that enable truly relevant advertising. The company’s customers include major publishers and application developers. Rooted in cutting edge probability theory, its patent-pending Relevancy Engine supports powerful behavioral targeting, automatic market segmentation and revenue optimization. The company’s Universal Ad Platform is the first solution to deliver highly contextual advertising to mobile web sites as well as embedded applications such as mobile maps and mobile video games. Privately-held Relevantis is headquartered in Kirkland, Wash.

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