Dynamic Ads Come to iPhone
Relevantis releases first AJAX ad solution for mobile

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON – Hot on the heels of Apple’s recently announced iPhone SDK, Relevantis, Inc. today released its Dynamic Ads solution for iPhone. The platform is the first to enable highly interactive AJAX advertisements on mobile phones, allowing advertisers to interact with customers in a personalized and engaging manner.

The company's Dynamic Ads platform allows the creative content of an advertisement to change depending on the personal tastes of the end user. These rich media, animated ads are also instantly expandable to display more information, enabling a better customer experience and, ultimately, higher advertising revenues for publishers. Developers of iPhone applications and iPhone-optimized web sites are able to use the solution to monetize their content, offering consumers a free, ad-supported experience.

A first for mobile phones, users interact with ads without leaving the publisher's web site. For example, users viewing an automobile advertisement are able to touch the ad and instantly see more details in an animated fashion. Additionally, users can perform meaningful actions within the expanded ad, such as calling to schedule a test drive of the car.

“Animation and rich media are all enabled in an ultra-fast manner,” said Relevantis CEO Scott Searle. “We believe mobile advertising shouldn't slow down the user experience. Our Dynamic Ads are lightning fast and fun to use. The result is a great dialog between customers and advertisers that wasn't previously possible on a mobile phone.”

Offered as a stand-alone component or as part of the company’s Universal Ad Platform, the Dynamic Ads solution is optimized for iPhone and other next-generation mobile devices such as Nokia N-Series and Microsoft Windows Mobile phones. The solution delivers a powerful toolkit for publishers and advertisers: Publishers are able to charge for impressions as well as actions, such as clicking to call the advertiser; advertisers are able to offer engaging ad content that was not previously possible on mobile phones.

About Relevantis, Inc.

Relevantis, Inc. develops and licenses advertising technologies that enable truly relevant advertising. The company’s customers include major publishers and application developers. Rooted in cutting edge probability theory, its patent-pending Relevancy Engine supports powerful behavioral targeting, automatic market segmentation and revenue optimization. The company’s Universal Ad Platform is the first solution to deliver highly contextual advertising to mobile web sites as well as embedded applications such as mobile maps and mobile video games. Privately-held Relevantis is headquartered in Kirkland, Wash.

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